Dapper Dachshunds

A collection of 10,000 unique pixel art dachshunds, part of the first generation of NFTs on Radix. Created with care and love for the community to enjoy 🐶 These dapper little friends wear awesome outfits and cute accessories to make sure they always have a unique look. They're waiting for a new home.

Adopt your Dachshunds

Become part of the Dachshund family. You can adopt your good boys for 35 XRD per Dachshund and mint them randomly after Babylon launches. There is a limit of 250 Dachshunds per person.

We're improving the collection with more costumes. Read more on Telegram! This will not affect the adoption process, though :)

I want to adopt Dachshunds

You can adopt a maximum of 250 Dachshunds!

Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Open your Radix wallet and start a new transaction
  2. Message: Buy dachshunds (do not encrypt)
  3. Amount: 35 XRD per Dachshund
  4. Send it to the wallet address below


* Please follow instructions carefully. We are not responsible for a potential loss of funds if you ignore instructions.

10,000 Dachshunds

All unique and looking for a new home. Dapper Dachshunds have over 100 different features.

Fair entry price

At just 35 XRD, we are making the Dachshunds available to the whole community.

1,975 / 10,000

Dachshunds reserved

Milestones and roadmap

Launch: all Dachshunds made available to adopt


All Dapper Dachshunds are available to adopt. No need to wait! Adopt yours now. From this moment on, we will also be doing regular giveaways, such as the launch giveaway on Telegram.

10% adopted: Big giveaway


To celebrate this milestone, we will organize a big giveaway.

25% adopted: Radix Collection


When we have enough owners, we intend to let them show off their Dachshund pack with a Radix Collection badge.

50% adopted: Charitable donation


We donate to a dog-related charity in the Netherlands.

75% adopted: XRD giveaway


One of the lucky Dachshund owners will win 2,500 XRD.

100% adopted: All Dachshunds have found a home!


The milestone to rule them all: every Dachshund has found a new home!



After Babylon is launched, you will be able to exchange your DACHS tokens for random Dapper Dachshunds.

Frequently asked questions

Who is behind this project?


I am a Radix enthusiast who's been actively participating in the Radix community for many months. Ironically, I don't actually own any dachshunds, but their awesomeness inspired Dapper Dachshunds. You will find me on Telegram by my handle @yr12345678 (display name 'Yo'). If you have any questions, send me a DM :-)

What will a Dachshund cost?


One Dapper Dachshund costs 35 XRD.

How many Dachshunds are there?


There are 10,000 unique Dachshunds, of which 200 will be reserved for giveaways.

How can I buy Dapper Dachshunds?


Check out the buy section.

What are DACHS tokens for?


Since NFTs will not be available on Radix until Babylon, you will receive DACHS tokens in the meantime. They represent your reservation and you will be able to mint your NFTs with them. You can resell or gift your tokens, since I don't track ownership.

When can I mint my Dachshunds?


After Babylon is released, it will be possible to create NFTs on Radix. I will need time to implement this and I will possibly looking for cooperation with others for standardization, so it might take a while before the actual minting can take place. I strive to make it possible within a year after Babylon, but hopefully (much) sooner.

I will keep you informed via the Dapper Dachshunds communication channels.

Why can't I reserve specific Dachshunds?


I've considered (and actually built) a reservation system, but in the end I opted for random minting. Both have their pros and cons. The main advantages to random minting for me are:

  • Everyone has a fair chance to get a rare Dachshund
  • No central administration of who owns which Dachshund
  • No need for a trading system
  • Easy reselling or gifting of tokens
  • No need to spend lots of time picking Dachshunds

Will there be royalties?


There might be, but it's currently undecided. If there will be royalties, it will be somewhere between 5 and 10%.

How can I contact you?


You will find me on Telegram by my handle @yr12345678. I'd prefer it if you ask your questions in the Dapper Dachshunds Telegram group, though: @dapperdachshunds. You can also find Dapper Dachshunds on Twitter.